How does the rubbish removal service work?

We supply uniformed, id and DBS checked labour and take the rubbish away almost anywhere in your home, business or outside of your property.

Where should I put the Rubbish?

You can put the waste almost anywhere as long as it is safe for our team to access.

Who does all the loading?

We do, our experienced waste collection team will load all waste as long the item is safe and we can access the rubbish and our tipper trucks. If the waste is a long way from the road or we can’t park close, you may find there is an extra charge for the additional labour time. We will confirm on the day.

What if there is more waste than you expected?

We understand it sometimes is difficult to workout how much you have, our teams are more than happy to take more or less on the day. The team will confirm the size of the job at the start - the cost of the clearance estimated on our website will then apply.

Sometimes it is more than you thought and we will quote to clear the whole lot. If there is less than you thought, no problem we will also reduce the cost down appropriately to handle less waste.

Weight Limits

Each cubic yard (0.83 cubic metre) comes with a 100kg weight limit. Our team will supply you with a educated quote in advance and the weight will be estimated in bands before the collection commences. All our trucks have built in weight measures to ensure we are compliant. We record the levels before and after your clearance to ensure we are within legal limits and to ascertain if there are any additional costs to your waste or rubbish removal.

Extra Heavy Items

For really heavy stuff like bricks, concrete, soil, sand, tiles etc. we may have to pass-on the additional cost from the waste transfer site to you. You’ll appreciate that a bag of rubble weighs much more than a bag of domestic rubbish so the more accurate you can be with photos and description, the more accurate the pricing will be for you.

Time Allowance for Collections

Our prices show the time allowed for the collections. In some cases your collection may take longer than this, for instance if the waste is difficult to access or there are safety concerns to address. If this is the case, we will add a supplementary charge of £15 for every 15 minutes additional time (inc. VAT).

Surcharges for some items

To cover the fees levied by waste transfer sites, the following items may carry an additional charge:

  • Domestic Fridge/Freezer: £45
  • Commercial Fridge/Freezer: From £95
  • Mattress: £25
  • Gas Bottle: £15
  • Paint Tin: £2
  • Microwave: £15
  • Television: £15
  • Car Tyre: £8
  • Car Battery: £15

What waste or rubbish cannot be collected?

We can't remove raw meat or fish, paints, solvents, chemicals, oil, petrol, diesel, gas bottles or fire extinguishers.

We also can't work at heights, so the waste will need to be safely accessible.

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